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What you want to achieve in the next 5-10 years? How would you like to achieve what you want in the next 5-10 years? Once you have identified your what and your how, then we can look for new innovative ways to improve your what and your how, only then can you get a better chance of getting an innovation based grant. In Malaysia, the available grants by Ministry Of Science Technology & Innovation include the following:

  • For Smart Challenge Fund, grant of up to RM 1,000,000 (for STRATEGIC) provided that TRL (Technology Readiness Level) is 4 or RM 3,000,000 (for PRIORITISED) provided that TRL is 6.
  • For Enterprise InnoFund, grant of up to RM50,000.00 for Individual/ Sole proprietor and RM500,000.00 for Micro/ Small Companies.
  • All categories of companies must have a minimum of 51% equity held by Malaysians

You will need to register an account with edana under https://edana.mosti.gov.my. A friendly reminder that grant is given as reimbursement if private enterprise and as disbursement if public institution (+2 research officers).

Alternatively, under Domestic Investment Strategic Fund which is managed by Malaysian Investment Development Authority, you are eligible for matching grant (1:1). All companies must have a minimum of 60% equity held by Malaysians though. You will however need to fill in the necessary forms at http://www.mida.gov.my/home/forms-&-guidelines-for-manufacturing-sector/posts/, and then indicate that you are interested in DISF.

I hope this information helps for whomever interested in commercialising innovation and advanced technologies in Malaysia.