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Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

At Agridon Technologies and Agridon Consulting, we actively encourage transfer of commercial best practices in engineering from industries to academia; vice versa, we also receive transfer of best available technologies in engineering from academia to industries. Internship is one of the routes for our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). The universities we have worked with so far are Monash University Malaysia, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, National University of Malaysia, and Xiamen University Malaysia. For more information on how to establish KTP with Agridon, please contact us.


Key Achievements:

  • Recommended finalist for Sustainability Award for IChemE Malaysia Awards 2017
  • Finalist for Biotechnology Award for IChemE Global Awards 2018
  • Semi-finalist for GIST Tech-I competition (2019)


Knowledge outputs:

  1. Processing of waste from fish processing
  2. Fish Feed Alternative: Slaughterhouse (Cow)/ Poultry Waste
  3. Summary of financial incentives for biotechnology development in Malaysia
  4. My experience as a Chemical Engineering intern at Agridon
  5. Freeze drying/ Lyophilization of Durian
  6. Internship @ AGRIDON- The Takeaways